Frequently Asked Questions

What iOS device colors does Promomatic supports?

Promomatic currently supports iPhone 8 and iPhone X in white and black for iOS devices.

What Android devices Promomatic supports?

Promomatic supports Google Pixel in white or black and Samsung Galaxy S8.

What are custom devices?

Custom Devices are created using original devices of iOS and Android with a different color combination and designs.

Can I export my screenshots in PNG format?

Yes and we also support JPG format.

How can I make sure that my screenshots are not cropped in any device size?

You can get screenshot specific to each device size and use the option of Device Specific Screenshot upload to make sure that they are not cropped in any device sizes.

Can I make iPad and Android tablet screenshots?

Yes, we have different models for both Apple & Android tablet devices.

Can I add captions in different languages in my screenshots?

Currently, you can write captions only in English but you can directly paste caption written in any other language. We will be adding further support for this shortly.

Is Promomatic free?

We do not have a free tier. You can pay per screenshot, or soon subscribe to a monthly subscription.

Does Promomatic save my screenshots?

The current version of Promomatic does not save your assets under an account. You can always access them through your order link, though. We are working on building a dashboard for you to reuse screenshots from previous projects.

How can I pay for premium features of Promomatic?

We use Stripe to power our payments so you can pay using any credit or debit card Stripe will accept and process, including VISA, Mastercard, AMEX card, and others.